Shihan Richard VanDonk Seminar 15th Dan Senior Bujinkan Instructor

Grand Rapids Michigan Friday, Sept. 21 evening & Saturday, Sept 22

Register Here Non-Refundable 2 weeks prior to the event

Shihan will focus on Enlightened Warrior Inner Arts which includes meditation, Qigong and empowerment methods. He will also focus on martial side of the bladed arts, eskrima, and sword.

Friday Night- 7-9 Enlightened Warrior Inner Arts Meditation skills, enhancing energy systems, connecting yourself to your core Inner Arts – Meditation – Empowerment Methods – Q and A

  • Saturday Morning – 9-10 Dao Yin/QiGong Energy practices
  • Saturday Morning – 10:15 – 12 Eskrima
  • Saturday Afternoon – 2-5 Sword
  • Saturday Eve – 7pm dinner gathering


Westside Fitness
1618 Leonard St NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

NOTE: Students will need a wooden sword (padded is good too) – at least 1
eskrima stick 22” (approx.) – wooden knife (no rubber ones)

Questions Please Contact: Chris Postmus [email protected] or 616-437-1542