I’ve had great coffee and I’ve had great coffee thats been ruined by bad water.

One time as a coffee service operator I was called to a large civic center in town because they didn’t like the taste of their coffee.  I tried the coffee and agreed that it was not good but I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  They had a bottle water service so I thought the water should be fine.  I then wondered about the coffee.  In all the years of using Stewart’s Coffee I had never had a bad cup and it truly was the one consistency that i could count on.  But……

I asked the office manager how they made their coffee and she told me where she got the water from the faucet to brew the coffee with.  I tried the water that they used and it tasted like their bad coffee.  So I told her that the coffee wasn’t bad their water was making the coffee taste bad.  Now this building was one of the oldest buildings in town and guaranteed that the water coming through those pipes was being contaminated.  I suggested they use the bottled water from now on or get a filtration system for the water they were putting into the brewer.  The water had so contaminated the brewer that I had to actually bring a new brewer in and have them proceed to put good clean water in that.  Problem solved…..back to having a great cup of coffee.

So remember always use good, clean, fresh water when brewing that perfect cup.  I recommend demineralized water or using a water filter system such as Everpure water filters.

The Red Eye Coffee Guy