What is my best brewer option?

Depending on your breakroom or coffee station space availability.  If you have the height capability the best units low cost units are the pour-over 2 burner unit such as the Bunn VPR 2 burner or Bunn VPS 3 burner the Newco RC-2, Bloomfield 9543 2 burner.

If you are being provided a brewer from a coffee service, any of the above brewers that you feel fits best with your office would not be any problem.  I like the Bunn or Newco best due to the ability to change the sprayheads on the units.  Whereas the Bloomfield unit has the inability to change the spray head.

If you are purchasing your unit I would recommend the Newco unit for the ease of repairing the unit.  If you have a high scale area it is easy to get into the tank to clean it out.  Other components that can go bad are the thermostat which is easy to replace as well.  The only other parts that tend to need to be replaced are the on/off switches on the unit.  The Bunn unit has a closed tank which takes a lot of effort to get into to clean it out if you need to address any scale buildup issues.  The other components to the Bunn unit that are not to difficult to replace are the thermostat and the warmer switches.  The Bloomfied unit tends to have issues with the tubes that come from the inlet basin to the tank and from the tank to the spray head tube.  These are fairly easy to replace.  Again the thermostats tend to go out after a period of time.  If the tank becomes scaled up the Bloomfield is not as difficult to clean as the Bunn but not as easy as the Newco unit to clean.